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26 Sep

With homework reading and writing assignments piling up faster than Red Sox losses,  I have been neglectful in extending some really interesting experiences here at HKS into this space.  I will work on that.   But an advisory:  For my ‘Media, Politics and power in the digital age’ class we are required to post certain written assignments in a blog that we are required to create for class.  The idea is you must live in the digital age to really experience it.  This is only one element of many others that make up our ‘digital tool kit’.    The first assignment is to be posted here is due tomorrow.  For expediency sake, I will be using this blog for some of these assignments.   So you may see some blogs don’t follow the flow of previous postings.   Since my professor will be reading them online, I am just mentioning there is no law that prevents you from leaving comments describing how astonishing my insights are, or how brilliantly my thoughts are constructed.

But seriously, I will try find time to chronicle my experiences in an experiential learning class by Ronald Heifetz on Leadership.  He is a recognized authority on the theory of adaptive leadership  This will be a challenge because the class is so experiential we, that as a class have decided to keep specific content of conversations private and I will honor that.  However, I will describe the very unique teaching style and generally why it is so effective.   The classroom experiences and reading have really dominated a lot of my thinking recently.

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